GM Levan Aroshidze bio

International Grandmaster since 2006. Highest rating in career 2582. Chess trainer and player. Winner of international tournaments.
My FIDE profile: Aroshidze Levan

Short list of my successful results as a chess player:

1. World Vice-Champion under 10 years old in 1995. 2. World Univertisty Championship 2005 - III place 3. Acropolis International Open Tournament 2006 - III place 4. Turkish Team Championship 2007 - Best Result on the 2nd board 5. Badalona International Open Tournament 2007 - II Place 6. Banyoles International Open Tournament 2007 - I place 7. Istanbul International Chess Festival 2007 - tied II place 8. Illes-Medes International Open Tournament 2008 - II place 9. Vila de Benasque International Open Tournament 2008 - II place 10. Kalamaria International Open Tournament 2009 - II place 11. Aigialeia International Open Tournament 2009 - I place 12. Figueres International Open Tournament 2010 - tied I place 13. Barbera International Open Tournament 2011 - I place 14. San Marti International Open Tournament 2011 - I place 15. Figueres Intern5tional Open Tournament 2011 - tied I place 16. Sabadell International Open Tournament 2012 - I place 17. Olot International Rapid Tournament 2013 - I place 18. Memorial of David Ilundain 2013 - I place 19. Sabadell International Open Tournament 2014 - II place

I started learning chess at the age of 3 and played the first official tournament when I was 6. My first International tournament was European Chess Championship in Romania, in 1994, and my first serious accomplishment was a Vice-Champion title at the World Championship under 10 in Brazil, in 1995. Although my chess career was consuming almost all of my time, I managed to receive the classical education. I have completed Classical Gymnasium of Tbilisi in 2002, followed by graduation with honours from Georgian Technical University and received Master's Degree in Social Sciences in 2008.
In 2006, when I got to the GM level, I started getting more requests for coaching. My first coaching experience was in the Classical Gymnasium of Tbilisi, Georgia in 2008. At the same time I was giving private chess lessons and kept playing chess as a professional. In 2010, I was offered a position of a coach in Spanish Chess club Balaguer, therefore I continued my career in Spain. After 1 year of trainings the Balaguer won team championship in the current division. In 2013 I was offered a long-term contract by friendly club of Banyoles city, located in the Girona region of Catalunya. In 1 year, under my training, the Banyoles team has reached a significant progress and won 2014 and 2015 team championships of Catalunya and for the first time in the team history has classified in the first Division of Catalunya. Since 2014 average rating increase of my Banyoles students above 2000 elo was 40 points and students under 2000 elo - 116 points. None of them had negative rating progress.

I hope that this is just a beginning of my successful collaboration with the team of Banyoles and we'll win more Championships. At the same time I am working with various online learning chess centers, writting artiles, recording educational videos, giving private lessons (online/face to face) etc. More details about private lessons here.

Finally, I have found a little time to create my own web-page and promise to keep updating it quite often.
I speak English, Spanish, Georgian and Russian languages.


I like sport! Except the chess, my passion is Basketball and football. I am fan of the Manchester United since 1998 and I am happy that I was able to follow the great eras of my team with David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the most unforgettable year was 1998/99 season, when United won the Champions League on the last seconds against Bayern Munich.
From 2011 I started to watch NBA. Everybody were speaking about Lebron James and Miami Heat, but my sympathy went to San Antonio Spurs and their smart style of playing. I prefer to watch wise team play, passing the ball and beautiful combinations, than show of one talented player. Fortunately I have been lucky also in the NBA, becoming witness of epic rivalry between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat (or San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder). After the loss in the finals of NBA 2013, it was very emotional to watch San Antonio's reborn from ashes and win in the NBA finals of 2014.
Sometimes I watch Tennis too. However, I have to mention that my sympathy belongs to the women's Tennis. Let's go Victoria Azarenka! 🙂