IM Anastasia Savina analysing games (part 1)

Recently, in Chita, was held highest league of the Russian Championship (From 22 June to 1 July) and IM Anastasia Savina was classified to the Super Final of the Women section (for the first time!).

Nastya 1

Nastya has kindly annotated few interesting moments from her games for the followers of the (Thank you Nastya!). So, let’s take a look at her analysis and wish all the best luck to her during the last rounds of the Super Final which is finishing these days.

Round 1
DrogovozSavina  22.06.2015

(Comments: Anastasia Savina)

savina 1

This position happened in my game of the first round of the Russian women championship. After some decent play from my side and some help of white, black got the position with clear advantage, but after the following


things could have changed competely. the good move was 25…exf5 as white can not take the knight after 26.Qb3+ (26.Qxf5 c4–+) 26…c4 27.Qxa4 Qc5+ 28.Kh1

savina 2

board of analysis

28… Bb7 and the queen is trapped

savina 3


26.Qe4! As a pre story I can tell that this game started with 1. d4 f5 and the pawn was on f5 all its entire life till the 25th move where it was taken gf, so somehow I had completely missed that the e4-square is not protected anymore. Now black has to look for the survival after 26…Rc8 but f6 or Ne6 or even Kh1 with the idea to put the rook on g1 looks promising 27.f6± (27.Qxa4?! Bxe2; 27.Kh1; 27.Nxe6) ]

26…Qe3+–+ 27.Kh1 Bxe2 28.Re1 Qf2

savina 4

29.Ng5 Bd3 0–1

nastya 4 nastya 3

Round 6
Savina – Guseva         28.06.2015

(Comments: Anastasia Savina)

savina 5


Here is my game againt the winner of the tournament. The position is equal and white can only dream about using somehow the isolated pawn d5, but with the next inaccurate move black brought themselves into trouble

29…Nf8? 30.Nf4 g6

savina 6


creating a passed pawn


31…g5 32.hxg5 hxg4 33.fxg4+/=

32.fxg4 Nh7 33.h5

savina 7

33… Nf6

33…gxh5 34.gxh5 the “a” and “h” pawns are the most difficult for the knight. Here white just need to advance the king. The possible continuation can be the following 34…b6 35.Kf3 Ke5 36.Nd3+ Ke6 37.Kf4 a5 38.Nb2 b5

savina 9

board of analysis

39.b4 axb4 40.Nd3 Nf6 41.h6 Nh7 42.Nxb4+-

savina 8

board of analysis

White should win.


savina 10

34… g5 35.Nh3 Nh7 36.Nf2 Ke6 37.Nd3 b6

savina 11

38.Nb4 a5 39.Nc6 Nf6 40.Nd4+ Ke5

savina 12

here we passed the time control and I was “clever” enough to spend at least 20 of the 30 minutes added even though my two next moves are quite responsible, but good

41.h6 Nh7 42.a4

I thought it’s better to fix the black pawns

savina 13


42…Kf6 43.Nc6 Kg6 44.Ne7+ Kxh6 45.Nxd5+-

43.Ke2 Kd6 44.Nf3 Nh7 45.Kd3 Ke6 46.Nd4+ Kf6 47.Nf5 Ke5 48.Nd4 Kf6

savina 14

49.Nc6 Ke6 50.b4 axb4

50…Kd6 51.b5

51.Nxb4 Ke5 52.Nc6+ Kd6 53.Nd4 Ke5

savina 15

54.Nf3+ Ke6 55.Kc3 Kd6 56.Kb4

savina 16

56… f5

the only chance, otherwise black lose the pawn for nothing

57.gxf5 g4 58.Ne1

58.Nh4 was another good option

58…Kc6 59.Kc3 Kc5 60.Nd3+ Kd6

savina 17


61.Kd2 wins immediately, but being in time trouble again I understood it right after playing Kd4 61…Ke7 62.Nf4 Kd6 63.Ng6 Kc5 64.Ke2 Kb4 65.Ne5

savina 18

board of analysis

65… Kxa4 66.Nxg4 b5 67.f6 b4 68.f7 b3 69.Kd2 Ka3

savina 19

board of analysis

70.Nf6 b2 71.Nxh7 b1Q 72.f8Q++-

61…g3 62.Nf4

savina 20

62… Nf6

62…Ng5!? 63.f6 Ne6+ 64.Nxe6 Kxe6 65.h7 g2 66.h8Q g1Q

savina 21

board of analysis

67.Qe8+ Kxf6 68.Qe5+ Kg6 69.Kxd5±

63.Ng2 Nh7 64.e4 dxe4 65.Kxe4

savina 22

Now pawn g3 looks almost dead, no idea which power was preventing me from taking it during next 6(!) moves…

65…Ke7 66.Ke5?! Kf7 67.Nh4? Nf6 68.Kf4 Kg8

savina 23



69…Kf7 70.Ng2 Nd5 71.Kg4 Nc3 72.Kxg3 Nxa4 73.Kg4 Nc5

savina 24


last mistake which leads to draw 74.Nf4! is still winning according to engine

74…Nd7 75.Ne3 b5 76.Nd5 Kg8 77.Kg5 Kh7 78.Kh5

savina 25

78… b4 79.Nxb4 Nf6+ 80.Kg5 Ne4+ 81.Kf4 Nd6 82.f6 Kxh6 83.Ke5 Kg6

savina 26

84.Nc6 Ne8 85.Ne7+ Kf7 86.Nd5 Nxf6 87.Nxf6 ½–½

Levan Aroshidze: I am really impressed with this knight endgame and the demonstrated technique by white. It’s a very pity that Nastya could not finish the game with logical result. This example will definitely enter into my course of endgame technique for my pupils.

nastya 2


To be continued…

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